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We have a very long experiense with the APBT-breed, breeding, kennel and yard work.

You may find some of these questions and answers helpful. Some hundred visitors a week view these pages, and we are happy to help.
Our very own doctors are busy helping clients and patients on housecalls, but we do answer new questions here, too (or directly by email or telephone).
Note, in urgent cases, always contact your local vet, too.

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Q: hi iv heard alot about your dogs... I would love to have the pleasure of owning 1 of these pups. I live in the ***** and was wondering if its possible to get a pup sent over and how much would it be in total for pup and transportation cost...

A: Thank you for your kind words, thanks!
Yes, it is possible and it is easy. No problem.

BUT - calculating the total price is difficult. Just for example, a pup, as ”luggage” with a passenger the cost varies from 50 to 500 euro depending on the airline, date, time and what ever.

Total price is:
- the pup price, ”picked up here”, this includes a lot, microchipping, vaccinations, vet and much more!

... and these to your country...
- local transportation here, usually 50
- extra vet costs, usually +50
- crate, stuff, etc, +50
- airline/ferry whatever, +50 ... +500
- extra documents, +20
- etc.

Nothing impossible but there are always costs. NOTE, these paymen are not to Dunkel Kennels :-)

Q: can you send pups to *** ?

A: Yes

Q: do you have the plans for the badland barrel dog house design please

A: Do you mean Joses Patent House? I think there are some pretty good instructions if you look at the Yard Tips…
Note - it is not that detailed or hard to do. It more about just to do it. The lifespan of a dog house is not many years, do not put too much effort in the details.
Feel free to ask more if you think you need more specs.

Q: I was told a free small t shirt was coming to me but it never did, what happened?

A: About one hundred request came, big thank you for all.
Totally about a dozen (free) t-shirts is shipped.
We did a lottery if there were more request for certain size than we had shirts.
I will check if something was shipped to you.

Q: Hi, are you able to ship pups to ***? If so what would price be for a pup and shipping?

A: That is possible.
For more details, please, contact from the contact page, or the pup page.

Q: i would really like to buy a pup, i live in ***, *** part .

A: That is not problem. Great place!

Q: can you ship to ***, with microchip and passport ?

A: Yes, that is possible.

Q: Do you ship to the **** if so how much and how much for a pup .

A: Yes we do,
Pup prices are around 1,000 euros. Shipping depends on airline, date and much, much more!

Q: I wanted to ask u a question about some of the blood u have,I have some in my pedigree some I was curious about it.

A: Thanks. We have only, only, Chinaman.

Q: I would love to buy a dog from you. I live in XXX, how much would this cost me?

A: The dog prices varies a lot, from 0 to several thousands. Pups, when there are some, are usually around $1,000.
The rest is the shipping, depends on date, airline etc. A rough estimate is around $500.

Q: I have just lost my lucy (12), a pup produced of your family..WOuld it be possible to buy a pup soon? I love APBT and dont want anything else, they are the most loving dogs i have ever met!! so sad i cant bear to live without a dog. I have recently mailed you and asked for membership, but no answer yet :(

A: Sorry for your lost.
We do have pups for sale once in a while. I will put some info about upcoming litters good in advance.
More info available also on our website, right here.

Q: within the foreseeable future i want to cargo a Dunkel adult male sporting bulldog to the ***. Nowadays i do not see any adults for sale, i would like to know if i could still contact you to go threu my options of buying a adult male as fast as possible. A couple of flights to *** would not be a problem. Also if everything goes smoothly i would like to buy some more sporting dogs.
-Sporting dogs

A: It is possible, sometimes we do have adults for sale. More about this later.
The transport, shipping from here to you is not difficult at all. One of the most ECONOMICAL way is to take the ferry and car, thats most easy for the dog, too.

Q: do you know if it would be difficult or not to bring one of your dogs into ***? Id love a good bulldog for (legal) sports and as a companion once my situation allows it, and I really like the blood your running! I would love to visit you guys sometime. Thank you for your time, have a good day!

A: Yes I know, it is not difficult or expencive. Totally legal and easy. Done that several times. In your country are many very good dogs from our kennel.

You know, this breed, these dogs - especially good GAMEDOGS - are the best. Best pets, too! Always.

You are welcome to visit us any time. Let us know in advance so that we get our schedules matching.

Q: Do you know of any 100% Colby owners in Texas?

A: No, I am sorry.

Q: I need a pup I'm in *** and all ready have a male from China man line bur as u know the ban makes things difficult. Is there any way to get another male shipped to me I willing to pay good money

A: Yes there is many ways. It is not anyhow costly, it is mostly paper work and lab tests because of the rabies restrictions. Othervise the biggest issue is to get a really good dog if you are planning for some breeding.
The most stupid thing is to import with big effort and money for breeding purposes a dog that is shit.

Q: .I didn't out my VIP code in when I opened your email. Could you kindly send me another. Thanks guys.
-Jim Dudgeon

A: Merry Christmas! Thanks for your message.
Please, apply for the VIP from the form. I cant put it here, techical limitations, you know.
Merry Xmas and happy new year 2016!

Q: What wormer do you use and what dosage? I've been using Safeguard horse paste.
-Lonnie Moore

A: Safeguard is good and great! Great, works and is economical.

Note that different medications works for different paracites.
Always use also ivermectine.

Q: Im interested in importing a pure chinaman male from your kennel prefrably off your 7 bitch or something of the sort as a stud, there have been imports to *** off frisco before so the blood is here , problem is the amount of outcrosses etc...howmuch would it cost me all in all ?if not off 7 then off tested stock.

A: Pup price is around 1,000 euro. Adult prices are usually from 2,000 up and much more up depending on the case.

Additional costs are the local transports, vet certificates, crate and such, these usually together a couple of hundred.

The real problem is to calculate the cargo price. Kind of a lottery. The price depends on the date, airline, route, date, crate size and weight and much more.

A rough estimate for the cargo is 500 to 1,000 euro.

Q: My *** Tyson Loves his new bowling ball, But for some reason his licking and chewing has caused it to turn his lips blue and is leaving a trail of his now Blue slobber LOL I'm worried This is not normal and may be toxic.. Is he ok to Play with the ball still? I took it away for now..

A: Well, how about that! I havent seen any colored slobber so far :)

I do not think they use any toxic materials in bowling balls but who knows. Why not getting him another bowling ball and trying with that. That what I would do.

You should get used bowling balls practically for free. Just ask your local bowling alley...

Q: Do you export to SA? How long will it take and what will the costs be?

A: The costs depends totally on the airline choosed. Date, route, airline etc.
Usually at lowest around $100 at highest very much.

Q: Do you sell wild chinese pandas?

A: No, I'm sorry. We breed only Pit Bulls of a certain bloodline (Chinaman, Lee ling). No pandas.

Q: Hlo goodday I want to know how I can put muscle on my pitbull and get her more agressive.and on what age can I start training her. She born january2015

A: More muscle = power training. You can start this right now but small steps first, of course. Read more from Yard Tips.

Agressive? No need for that, believe me. Just take good care of her.

Q: news item: high drive dog exercise, CONTROL and fun offering unlimited dog exercise under excellent dog control much safer and thus more fun than any other wheeled device- and a new urban mushing sport ! of course its NOT the only way to exercise your dog- just one great way- and part of the mix.
-mark schuette

A: Wtf is this? :-) Good idea but tell me more!

Q: Do you have any male dogs that makes good friends whit other Males dogs and is good for sport like weight pulling and breeding.

A: Not really. You can't really ever trust any dogs together. A friend of mine got some really bad surprice once with his two old bulldogs who had always been good together.
Keep it simple, keep one dog or start a kennel.

Q: How long. is the pups whit the mother

A: Usually up to 8 weeks.

Q: Is it true that your dog is man biters.

A: No, it is not true.

Q: Is it hard to get a pup from you how many litters a year do you produce. Is it a waiting line to get a pup?

A: Yes, it is very hard to get a pup from Dunkel Kennels.

Q: Hi i want to buy a pitbull in the future, on the winter this year or the next summer how often do you have pups and the price for a pup and shipping to Sweden? I already got a dog so can i have two dogs whitout they gonna fight?

A: Good, you are on the right track.
We have very good dogs and pups. If you are interested then you simply just have to buy one from us.
The price is usually around 1,000 - 2,000 euro/pup.
No need to ship to Sweden, just come over here. Usually we have visitors from Sweden at least once a month...

Q: Hello when will my VIP membership come through so I can see what you have for sale?

A: I will try to fix that.

Q: Razer edge and chinaman Is that a good breed??Tell me how they bloodline is

A: Chinaman is simply the best. The Best.

Q: how big do your dogs get on average?

A: About 23 kg (50 lbs). When in peak performance conditioned weight then its abou 18 kg (39 lbs).

Q: Need a trusted person to help me setting up a yard, there is no one better than you. I have applied for vip.

A: Thank you for your kind words. I will setup the vip for you.

Q: Hello hope to get answaer from you about v.i.p and request about a dog . wher are you loated in XXX . best regards XXX!

A: Thank you and hello!
You are welcome to visit our kennel. Keep in touch!

Q: A few dogs from your kennel is in my dogs pedigree super line

A: Thank you! Take good care!

Q: A few dogs from your kennel is in my dogs pedigree super line

A: You bet, these are the best, hah haa.
Take good care of your dogs!

Q: Why would you take the time and effort to breed healthy/ superior dogs to sell to people whose sole intention is to torture the dog into becoming a "sporting" dog? Do you feel no guilt that these dogs trust and love you and in return for their loyalty you betray them to the highest bidder? They deserve a chance at life and you give them none... Do you not feel ashamed of who you have become?
-Boa aged

A: I think you have misunderstood totally wrong this breed. I recommend that you come and visit our kennel or some of the many other kennels.
Number ONE therapy dog breed is this breed and proud to say that the most decorated therapy dog is from our kennel, too.
Ignorance is stupidity, do not hate animals, dogs or especially this fine dog breed.

Q: Im from XXX do you know any good dog men i can link up with trying to start a yard n how do I get the vip

A: Okay, I will forward your message to some of my friends there. I hope they contact you. However, most people are quite busy...

Q: hello,i'm from a XXX where this breed is not authorize so just wondering if there a way to import this breed.im a big fan of this breed and of your dogs.

A: Of course there is. These are just dogs! Not drugs or nuclear weapons.

Q: Congratulations I saw your dog in a documentary are phenomenal and I would love to come and visit you, is it possible?
-Marco Prandi

A: Of course it is possible to visit our kennel. We are open for all visitors.
Your country is one of the best, I have visited it several times. BTW, there are a half dozen dogs from Dunkel Kennels in your country.

Q: hello,i am from XXX,where i have an apbt,and know the right people,but i have moved to XXX for an undetermined period of time.please tell me if i could bring my dog here i know the laws here are pretty stupid.and please tell me if i could visit your kennel some day in the near future

A: That is simple, just take the dog there. Nobody is interested. Easiest of course if you get there with car (not airplane or ferry).
In your new country are a lot of pitbulls... Even from us.

Q: Could I get a VIP access. I've tried several times and have not gotten a VIP access to join.

A: Of course, I will fix that.

Q: I need your thoughts on the best way to feed a hard keeper that's slightly underweight your thoughts and ideas would be appreciated

A: You did not tell if the dog is underweight because of
a) bad condition, or
b) just too light and small.
If b then you are in simply in the wrong class.
If a then you have to grow muscles, power walk, jenny, pull some chains etc (see more details @ yard tips).

So, the feeding (or food) is not the solution. The training is. More muscles and power comes only from training. Same thing with stamina.


A: Of course. Right now no, but soon yes. Just keep in touch.

Q: How do I join vip
-Dan Wilson

A: Apply and wait for answer. Check your junk mail some times they go there :-(

Q: i have gone through the site and really liked ur dogs specially their bloodline chinaman.im interested in buying a male puppy.can u export the dog in XXX and what will be the charges for all that including apuppy

A: Than you. The pups are usually 1,000 - 2,000 euros if you get one. The shipping is most easy by just flying over and take it as personal luggage. Cargo is sometime pain in the ass.
I just checked how much the flight from here to you and back is, with the dog, costs and it's about $400. Not impossible at all.

Q: Acquire some hounds

A: Sorry, no hounds here. Just bulldogs.

Q: can anyone lead me to some of tommy walkers old blood down from the queen of hearts stuff looking for a stud for my female when she comes in im in XXX

A: I really do not know the answer to that, sorry.

Q: I'm interested in purchasing a pup. Where dose your price's start and end.

A: We have some pups later this year. Prices varies, usually from $1,000 to $2,000.

Q: Any male pups for sale? How much would it cost to send to XXX?

A: None right now.
The flight is about 200 euros.

Q: Do you know of any kennel thatt might still carry the wood's superman ll bloodline ? Looking for someone that might have some use to have a dog out of him bred to woods hershay.
-arthur limon

A: Howdy! Sorry, no info about that.

Q: Is it possible to get one of your dogs shipped to XXX? And is it possible to visit your yard?

A: Yes and yes. Totally legal and possible.
Right now no adults for sale. Later this year maybe some pups.

Q: You are a fucking scumbag cunt

A: Heh, you are a funny one. Take it easy, bud.

Q: how would I go about getting two of your young adult prospect and do I have to fly there to checkout your yard I would love to but I trust and believe you would send what im looking for

A: You are welcome to visit us almost any time.
However, right now no adults for sale, sorry.

Q: First I determine whether the pit bull dog

A: Thank you for your cryptic message. I did not really get it, sorry.

Q: hello my friend , how are u doing today? - - - - - (very long message)
-mugger man 89

A: Thank you for your message. Please, do not put long messages on QA.
Use the contact form, thank you!

Q: Aren't you a dog sport kennel? ...there was a documentary with your kennel name on it.

A: Yes, our kennel produce performance dogs. However, we also have good records in conformation even that is not our main goal.

Q: Aren't you a dog fighting kennel? ...there was a documentary with your kennel name on it. I can link it to you.

A: Sorry, not a slightest clue what you are talking about.

Q: What is the prices of your DVD's. Interested in buying some of them.

A: Right now no DVDs. Later maybe some as soon as we have the time do.

Q: Do you have any heavy tested females available? Thanks much respect to you and your dogs

A: Sorry, no adults for sale right now. Maybe later.
Thank you for your kind words!

Q: Hi have fille so pleased in your vip app but no response, am looking for a serious dog and believe you have the solution with your bloodline, when can you reply?

A: Sorry for the delay. Sometimes we are pretty busy here. Please, be patient, thank you.

Q: After filling in the form to get VIP acces how long does it take to get a code?
-eM Bee

A: Depends totally on how we have the time to use the computer - usually were out on the yard...

Q: Hola! I will like to request a VIP membership! Thanks!!

A: Apply from the Contact-page.

Q: How do I get a V.I.P access code.

A: Apply from the Contact-page.

-anonymousALI RAFAQAT

A: Sorry, I do not really get what you mean.
Yes, we have some pups available later this year.

Q: i dont need to visit your yard. if you agree to sale of female puppey my agent will handle all the shipping for me he will pick the puppey and sort the rest out for me... i would like to ask you how much you want for mincer dog . he is old now i can pay up to xxx pounds

A: We might have some pups forsale later this year. Right now none - all sold, sorry.


A: Always use the contact page, thank you!

Q: How do I become a Vip member?
-Wesley Brown

A: Apply for the vip from the contact page. Thank you,

Q: If my dog gets seized at border or customs as a pitbull type dog what happens then?

A: You should not import dogs without a proper paperwork. There is no need to smuggle dog. The right way is to take care of the possible needed import license, vaccinations, VAT and such.

Q: have you got any puppeys for sale if you have i want 2 male pups .

A: Sorry, no male pups. Right now, no pups at all for sale :(


A: Thank you. You are welcome.

Q: May I please have a new V.I.P. code?

A: You have to apply for it from the contact page.

Q: How do you join kennel club?

A: Hah haa, that is a good question but to be honest - I do not know what you are asking. I think you should ask this from your local kennel club. Thumbs up!

Q: How do you join your kennel club?

A: Sorry, we do not have a kennel club.

Q: I have an adress I can use but do you send out mail because I would like to avoid that

A: Do NOT worry. We do not usually send any mail. And if we ever send, it is very anonymous and neutral. For god's sake - we are dog breeders. You know, dogs, pets, funny stuff... Chill out, take it easy!

Q: There is nobody close to me as it is a *** with no adress can I still join v.i.p?

A: Yes you can. The problem is our website, it demands some address... You have to have someone close to you, with an address.

Q: How can I enter vip if I don't have a fixed adress.

A: How about the closest address, or a poste restante?

Q: Can you get dogs to the ***? If so would it be better to get a pup or an adult as its hard to good dog here

A: Yes, it is possible.
Use the contact to get more info about pups and dogs.

Q: hey mate have or do you ship dogs to ****,cheers

A: No, we have not. The reason is simply the long distance and expensive shipping costs.

Q: what would the full cost be for a dog say between 1.5 to 2 years old male shipped to my country , and what bloodlines do you keep

A: Dog prices varies a lot. We have here some really splendid ones that you get for free if you just provide a good home. Some are more expensive.
The cargo cost depends on the airline (or car) you use. Usually inside Europe it's about 300 euros, US East Coast about the same etc. This varies a lot on date, route, airline, crate size ...

Q: have you ever shipped dogs to *** as i am finding it difficult to locate anything.

A: Yes we have. We are now talking about dogs? You know, dogs. How stupid can some restrictions be in some countries ...

Q: iv been thinking about comeing over to your yard and geting a dog from you.. but i need to no if you supply pet passport and full vet checkd documents.. because if you dont have petpassport and vet checked documents the dog will be kept for 6 months in quarantine and it just costs to much money that way so if you do pet passport and documents when buying a dog let me no thank you...

A: First, you are always welcome to visti our kennel. No need to buy anything. We have here visitors all the time, world wide.

Yes, in EU we have this vaccine/health document called EU pet passport (in fact, it is not a passport but a standard document).
Depending on your country it is possible that there are some strict (usually rabies) restrictions. Like in UK, Malta, Sweden and some other countries.
In most of these are two ways to import a dog
1) check the rabies antibodies from the bloodsample
2) if it's a pup, then certificates about the litter and dam.
More detailed and accurate info from your local agricultural ministry.
Feel free to ask more.


A: Thanks but you have to be more spesific. Please, use the contact form.

Q: do you have any dogs for sale or are you gonna get a breeding this year

A: Yes, of course!

Q: Would it be wise to wait on one of your pups? I need to know how much for the best male pup of the litter, and how much it would cost to ship to the ****?
-Quintin Goosby

A: If you especially want a chinaman bloodlined dog, then our kennel is a good choise. We have good quality.
Shipping to your country is not a big deal, the flight is shorter than most car drive here or in your country.
Note that you have some good kennels in your country, too.

Q: I'm searching for the best dog in the world. With all due respect, what makes your breed the best breed of dog?
-Quintin Goosby

A: First, it depends what you mean with best? Best health, best pet, best trainability, best skills or what?
You can't really compare all with all. That's what I've learned thru the years.

What I am happy with this Chinaman bloodline is the very good health, superior character and mind, so far second to none. What more can I ask for?

For example, right now we are training two 9 year old males for this year competitions (and they will do some records, no chanche for the others)... But that's just my opinion, hah haa.

If you are seaching for a good dog then a good advice is that focus on kennels that breeds only some certain bloodline, has done it for decades and has more than just a handfull of mutts...

Q: from *** intrested in a pup down the line i went to fill out the v.i.p contact but theres no area code in **** ?

A: Oh, that's funny. We try to fix that. Meanwhile, choose some close one.

Q: is it expensive to ship to **** and is shipping gaurented to get my dog

A: The cheapest way is to bring it yourself, then it's only the car drive or flight. We can do it, too, but of course it will cost some arms and legs if we hire somebody to drive a car to you and back...

Q: hi great bulldogs is it expensive to ship to XXX and is shipping gaurented to get my dog thanks for reading

A: No, the price is the same. Pups + shipping.
Usually it is easier/cheaper to pick up the pup.

Q: do u ship to ****?..if so im intrested in a few adult dogs for breeding and sport purposes

A: First, there are some very good dogs available from kennels close to you, too. As said, we are located in Europe.
If you want especially a dog from us, that is of course possible. First we have to solve what you really want.
Please, use the contact form.

Q: do you sell dog for ****

A: Why not.

Q: Some information and picture and video about the Jenny. With motor or manual. Can you tell me about it?

A: I recommend as simple as possible. No motor. Very easy to build, even I can make one!
Detailed info in our YARD TIPS, take a peek.
I will do a real info package and put it in YouTube as soon as I have the time.

Q: .... with no responce,i also read somwere somthing about work wich i cannot find nw please tell me morethanks ...

A: Sorry, busy times here with all the dogs, fun and work.

Q: Im wounder if i can get a pup from your kennel in the future? Its maybe 5 years until i get there. But can i pay before and choose a pup from a good kombination? Or i can come and visit you,?

A: Yes, of course you can get a pup from us. If you want especially a dog from us, that is of course possible.
No, you cannot pay in advance.
Yes, you can come and visit us.

Q: i will be intrested in a bitch or dog for sport and breeding, .. and do you no how much ruffly it would be for.. customs, cargo, papperwork, vet.. ??

A: Here a good, experienced guess:
- customs, some countries take the VAT. That is calculated from the total price incl. shipping
- parking, random paperwork and others at the airport around 100 euro
- shipping, depending on many, many factors, starting with the date, crate size and much more, something from 100 to 1,000 euro
- veterinary costs varies a lot, too, around 50
- etc.
A good advice is to reserve a couple of thousands per dog. Usually that is more than enough.
Most expensive imports I have been involved with are 5 - 10 thousand. Hefty price!

Q: how do i become a vip member

A: Go to contact, fill the form, check the vip box.
Happy New Year 2012!

Q: how much your dogs were and you sed the prices varies from a lot to free.. would you be able to send one over to me? and do thay have all the documents and stuff so the dog wont have to get quorentened?

A: Yes, that is true. A medium price for a very good, adult, healthy male or female is around 500 euros. Good for pet, breeding and sport, too. All are registered, with all necessary papers.
If you really want to buy a dog from us, you have to come and visit us. Othervise you cannot know what you want. Simple as that.
Yes, to your country no quarantine with proper papers.
You have to understand that even if we do not ask much for the dogs, we do not do free work. We have very limited time.
If you need extra service then we can give you good advice or the service but there are charges like paperwork, customs, cargo, supplies, vet and more ... Feel free to ask more.
Happy New Year 2012!

Q: I am a big fan of your Chinamen bloodlines do you ship to ***?

A: Great to hear that! Chimanan is the best!
Yes we do ship but sad to tell you, mate, it is expensive :-(

Q: V.i.p.
-Big dawg

A: Are you asking for vip? Go to contact, fill the form, check the vip box.
Happy New Year 2012!

Q: V.i.p.
-Big dawg

A: Please, use the contact form.

Q: I will like to be a VIP member. How to become a VIP member?

A: Fill out the contact info, click here, remember to check the Vip application box.
Later you will get all the info, that takes sometimes a while.

Q: the vip dose not work for me aney tmie i fill it out it says i done it wrong would you be able to email me the password ??

A: Sorry, try again!

Q: do you have dogs at stud

A: Yes we have.

Q: Im interested in your bloodlines do you have any pups available I'm from *** how would I go about getting pup of of your kennel

A: Getting a pup from us is easy, as soon as we have some. The shipping to your place is easy and not even expensive. Of course, there are some costs...

Q: Im interested in your bloodlines do you have any pups available I'm from *** how would I go about getting pup of of your kennel

A: We have no pups right now. We may have some at summer/fall 2012.
For you it is very easy - but slow - to get a pup from here.
1. wait for the litter to born
2. let us know that you want to buy a pup
3. we ship it to you.
Note, there are plenty of pretty darn good kennels in your area, too. That could save some money for you.

Q: Lookin' for a good quality pup. I want to start weight pullin'. Can u help me out with locatin' a pup. Love APBT'S, and want to get envolved in the sport.

A: I cannot really tell where to find a good pup, sorry. Even if it is important to have the right kind of dog personality the major part is the training. Good luck!

Q: i have few dogs me self but im looking for better dogs and better bloodlines.. would you be able to get in contact with aneyone from *** with your bloodlines.. its hard enough to find good dogs over here i live in *** i can give you me number to pass on if you can

A: I will give your contact to those I know. It is up to them if they contact you...

Q: do you no aneyone from *** who breeds dogs like yours or that got dogs from you.

A: No, I do not know. There are some dogs from here but I do not know if any one does breeding or having kennels or yards...

Q: thanks for de VIP code , i asked you about the litter from spring.... can you tell me how much these puppies cost like and can you ship a dog , or do i have to come for it , cause i live in ***

A: All our pups are 1,000 euro each. That includes everything like registering and more but NOT the shipping...
Check out more details on our website and feel free to ask more.
Keep in touch!

Q: like to get some pups now an in the future.im very cool im in *** .so lets be frieds an do some biz.
-gary gunns

A: Why not! We have many good friends in your country. Good dogs there, too! Keep in touch!

Q: I was thinking of having a trip to your kennal round about *** to see wot prospects you have. Could you ship to ***? and if you could how long would it take to get the dog to me? i have bin trying to get a gud linebred bulldog for a long time, it is hard to get wot I won't in ***. I have two bulldogs there lines are bores and chocolate king, but thay just don't have that proper gamenes I won't.

A: You are welcome almost any time. Note that we are always busy so let us know about your travel plans way ahead. Yes, shipping is possible. Usually it is better and easier to just pick up from here.

Q: Hey I jus email u yesterday I need *** number or have them call me *** ASAP ,we got a pup off of rocket they know who I am ....

A: Hello there, sorry, I do not have the number :-(

Q: Can you please email me I'm trying to get a pup or dog

A: Of course. The best way is to contact thru the contact pages.

Q: around wat price wud i be looking at for a good bitch?

A: The prices varies a lot. From zero (that is free, just pick up) to more than enough.
None are bad, sick or weirdos, all our dogs are in very good shape, nice, and better than most dog owners deserve.

Q: how will i go about geting a dog from you? wud i be best off goin over to you?

A: The only way is to come and visit us. You are welcome almost any time.

Q: dunkel when u breedin was the password for the vip i signed up

A: Sorry bro, I dunno what you mean, hah haa.

Q: ... interested in purchasing an adult bitch from your ...
-Fahad Khan

A: Thanks for your long and interesting message. I will answer it by email.

Q: any pups for sale if not how long till pups ? or have you got any young females for sale 2 years oldest ? and can you ship them to *** or *** ?

A: The next pups will be next year. It is not sure if any are for sale, most are reserved or sold already.
We have here some young super females. Ask more details using the contact form.
Yes, shipping is always possible.

Q: orite XXX the dog you got for sale how old is he and how is he bred ....

A: We have here several very good dogs for sale. Ages from young adults to elderly senior, all superb, good for breeding, pets, sport and anything.

You can see some of our pedigrees at Pitbulldatabase.com, type dunkel as breeder.

You are always welcome to visit our yard. In one afternoon you will see more gamebred bulldogs than most "dogmen" during their whole life, hah haa.

Q: im not able to get in to the webpages can ye send me a vip thanks..

A: Yeah, of course. Use the contact page!

Q: im intrested in a bitch if you have one. how much? im from XXX will you send me a vip or if i leave me number will you ring me. or i will even ring you thanks..

A: Yes, we have some pretty good females. Young adults and full adults. All kind, all supreme quality.
Prices varies a lot, from free (Yes, totally free, just come and pick. All you have to do is to be normal.) up to several thousands and more...
Sorry, no time for phone calls, too busy with the yard...

Q: . Do you think you can give me another password? By the way, I love the work you've done with these dogs. It is real dog men like you that will inspire me to start my own kennel someday.
-Sean Allen

A: Of course, use the contact form.
Thank you for your nice words :-)
I recommend to start an own kennel. It is a lot of trouble, work and problebms but all worth it! This is the real life.

Q: So i can view v.i.p.. from the states.. know *** personally and a few other fanciers that have made a big impact on the breed over the years.. how do i get in touch with the owner of international sporting dog journal?

A: You have to apply for VIP from the contact page.
I was visiting Jack in 1996 but never met him, everybody too busy in Georgia that time. Those were the days.
Use the contact form for more detailed info.

Q: wat would you say was the most consistent line in producing and gameness and why?

A: This (Chinaman) is just the best. The Best. We have a big yard, with 30 - 70 bulldogs. We tried many bloodlines before this and after many years of trying we focused on this. And believe me, we did some real scientifical selecetion, not by one or two dogs but dozens.
Healthy, happy and sporty.
HOWEVER, I think you can achieve the same results (as our kennel #1 in all sports) just by doing good work.

Q: Can you ship to **** ? And how much would it cost thanks

A: Yes we do. The shipping costs are totallt depending on the airline or whatever cargo is used.

Q: Is it true that if you feed a pitbull after dark it will eat you ?
-Mr Longenshlongen

A: No, it is not true.

Q: i need a game dog

A: That should not be difficult. Conatact your local breeder, somebody with more than 10 - 20 bulldogs and some experience for a longer period. That should help for a start!

Q: how do you go about importing ur dogs into the **** ? Is it easy and safe and what would the procedurs be and are your dogs people freindly . Is ur yard open to people to visit?

A: You have to follow the import regulations (not impossible). Yes, it is relatively easy, yes, it is safe.

Yes, these dogs are very people friendly. It all comes from the superb self confidence of the dog and stable mind. Of course, all dogs are individuals but it has to be total moron to not be able to handle these bulldogs.
Just as an example, some of our super-gamebred yard bulldogs are most decorated therapy dogs, too, and works part time at hospitals and homes for elderly people.

Yes, our yard is open for visitors. Welcome.

Q: i see you have adult dogs for sale im intrested in one.. and is it handy 2 get it to XXX try get back to me befor der gone tanks..

A: Of course, it is possible. Just take a look at our webpages for more info.

Q: could i have a x.v.i.p password for sport news to see what kennels are doing what.

A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: were can i get a sporting dog collar and were did you get yours and also what type of material are they.

A: We buy our collars from Sporting Collars, Ca (USA). These are the very best collars and we have tried a lot. We also use a lot of collars, many dozens every year.
Sporting Collars is the only choise, durable, super design, works in all weather, washable and most important - very reliable. I can easily recommend Sporting Collars to anyone, no matter how many dogs.
The material? I do not know, you have to ask Sporting Collars.

Q: can you contact me if you get any male pups

A: That might be difficult, sorry. We get away too much contacts :-(
I suggest you check our web pages, join our mailing list and maybe take a peek on our Facebook profile.
Keep in touch!

Q: do you get red nose pups in your litters sometimes? an also wich colour do you prefer.

A: Yes we do. We have some females that produces rednoses. It does not really matter, all colors are just fine.

Q: I'm looking for sum sik rednosed pitz to beed up bro and sell on my piczo site. Can you hook a bother up with sum sik looking rednoses ?

A: Of course, contact us thru the contact page and you will get some more info.

Q: any young adults for sale or pups due this year mate and how much would the full cost be for the pup and importing to *** ?

A: We have some plans for this year but usually there is not many left for sale, most reserved in advance.
I guess the flight is about 200 euro, our pup price is 1,000 euro.

Q: Can girl pitbulls get big and muscualr as guys

A: Yes they can.

Q: Why is my pit scared of other dogs...what can I do to toughin him up

A: No need to tough him up, just be his friend.

Q: dont you use a certian airline that you could put me in touch with ? and how much are pups going for or young adult dogs ? im after a bitch

A: No, we do not use any certain airline, sorry.
There are some more info at yard tips, take a look.

Q: Are pitbull huge dogs ......do pits have huge heads

A: No really. Usually pitbulls are around 25 kg. The head size is pretty normal.

Q: Can you give me a password to your VIP Lounge?
-Kosa Knl's

A: Of course. For technical reasons, apply for it from the contact page.

Q: how much to import a pup or young adult to *** ?

A: Do you mean the cargo price? You have to ask about it from the airline. I guess a couple of hundred euros.

Q: is there any reason why breeders breed certin lines together like for example redboy/jocko/tombstone...or chinaman/frisco. why not cross a male champion with another female champion not caring about what backround it comes from... my other question is when inbreeding dogs for many generations i know that preserves the desired traits but arnet the offspring born with defects because it is such close knitted blood. and if all a person has on his yard is curs is there any possibilty that some game offspring can be produced off to cur parents?

A: No, there is no reason why certain bloodlines would match better together than others. Usually this is just an excuse for having access to some bloodlines.
Best is to do linebreeding with good individuals. The 2nd best choise is to cross breed what ever lines as long as the individuals are aces.

No, there are no defects, it is a myth. In real life it takes a small wonder to manage do linebreeding in two or three generations. We have here some bulldogs which are exceptional 3rd generation of some linebreeding and they are healthy as pigs.

Only curs on the yard? No problem, just do breeding, keep all the offspring, wait two yrs. Select the best and jump to the start. You can create diamonds from sh*t this way BUT it takes years of time, acres of space and a pile of money...

Shortly, it is possible to create poop from value dogs and the other way, too. But if one wants quality then the breeder have to do no compromises... thats the hard part...

Q: what do you have to dam do to get vip?

A: Go to contact page and apply for vip.

Q: i have added you on fb

A: Thank you!

Q: which studs are available ? and how much about for the semen ? would it be frozen or chilled ?

A: During these years we have been doing some stud service. It is complicated and of course possible. Its more about the arrangements than the price.
Usually its chilled, its easier and cost less. Frozen is more for future use.

Q: i dont have a passcode so i cant read your yard tips mate but do you have an email address i can reach you on to talk more about the shipping of semen

A: Sorry, no email. Try facebook or the contact page on this site. Ask for the vip code from the same page.

Q: do you ship semen and how much does it usualy cost ?

A: Yes, we have done that but not very popular. We have done some deals about the price. Take a look at the yard tips, there is a lot of info about frozen or chilled semen.

Q: What are your feelings on colby blood and have you ever had any in your pedigrees

A: Colby is super!
No, we do not have Colby, only Chinaman. Chinaman is better.

Q: testing

A: Nice work! The test works great!

Q: i wnt a boy dog but wnt him to be tall o was wondering how tall are some of your boy dogs fully grown

A: Usually about 50 cm.

Q: i wnt a boy dog but wnt him to be tall o was wondering how tall are some of your boy dogs fully grown

A: About 45 - 50 cm.

Q: were is the closest airport 2 you and how far are u from it if i was 2 travel

A: The closest (small) airport is about 15 minutes, closest international around 40 minutes drive from here.

Q: what pups have u ready 2 go at the moment is it possible 2 send me some pedigrees

A: No pups for the moment. Later this year maybe.

Q: got a boyles bread female from a freind that will eat poop even after feedn need solution

A: This is easy, remove the poop from the yard.

Q: to get a dog frm your yard to my door if you done quarentine and all vetting and pre shipping and shipping could u give me a figure.

A: To your country it's all legal and easy. All it takes is the shipping. As cargo I guess it's 300 and as luggage a bit less.
Just drag your s*rry ass over here, that's not much - about 50 -, and let's see if here's anything for you. You are welcome!

Q: can you send me one to ***, all with the correct papers. Understand you have to wait 4/5 months no problem as long as i get one.

A: We always have correct papers with our dogs, only pure breds. Alrady for 20 yrs now.
Happy New Year!

Q: I have a couple gamebred pits and i was wondering how could i get them regsterd if there parents didnt have papers... there bloodline are jeep,rascal,redboy

A: I think that is not possible. Not possible to have none registered dogs but still gamebred. Not possible to register dogs with none registered parents :-(

But do not worry, if the dogs are okay just take good care of them. No matter of the papers.

Q: I bout a puppy and was wondering is old family,gator,frisco,and german a good game bloodline

A: Good for you! That sounds great!

Q: I want a vip passscode to enter your site
-anthony galloway

A: Apply for it from the contact page.

Q: do you have a job for good dogman,yardman ,keepman etc..?

A: Yes we do, all the time. But we are located in Europe and we can not pay much :-(
However, if you are interested in this breed then it is worth the time.

Q: whats the best gameblood line

A: Chinaman, of course! That was an easy one.

Q: do you sale any family puppies or adult terriers? I've seen you on youtube it was kinda fucked up but i know that your dogs are pure pitbull terriers i'm just looking for a family dog nothing else how much do you charge for JUST a Family pitbull terrier in US $?

A: These are all "just family" apbts.
Price to US is exactly the same as anywhere else.
Just come and visit our yard, you will never be the same after that. Great dogs,

Q: How come my pitbull get bullyed by other dogs.. Other dogs strart biting him and he get scared ...is it bcuz he is. A puppy

A: Stay away from other dogs, that helps. You have to take good care of him. You are supposed to be your dogs friend.

Q: Do all pitbulls have big heads or how do I know if my dog is going to have a big head

A: Pitbulls do not have big heads. You just have to wait.

Q: How can i make my pitbull musclular without wieght tranning

A: Sorry, there is no other way. More info @ yard tips.

Q: How can i make my pitbull musclular without wieght tranning

A: Best are power walks, running and walking in the Jenny. Some say swimming is good, too.

Q: I am getting a pitbull boxer mix, is that a good mix

A: All dogs are personalities. The time will show.

Q: I have a Pitbull so when i walk it theres loose dogs always bothering my pitbull and start playing rough her and she get scared, do you have any advice

A: If you confront a strange dog just walk away.
The easiest is to walk somewhere else.

Q: Do you know what kind of dog food to feed my pitbull so i can buff her up, or do you know the name of the dog food you feed ur pitts

A: Do you mean gain weight? There are two ways, one, feed more than the dog consume. This way the dog gets more fat. The other way is to do some heavy training and the dog gets more muscle weight, this takes some hard work.
Either way, it does not matter what you feed. Best is to feed something that the dog likes.
Here we feed mostly meat, animal fats, bones. Fresh and straight from the butcher.

Q: i want a real pitbull and i was wondering if american bullys where pitbulls, what do you think is best

A: I think they sure are pitbulls but they are a special conformation strain.
Our kennel have only performance bulldogs, you know, what is called gamebred.
I do not know much about american bullys, I think you should ask the breeder. They know best.

Q: sick bastard.. u will go to paradise!!!!

A: Ok, even if I'm not sure what you mean...

Q: how will ill be com a member off this

A: Apply the vip from the contact page.

Q: I need to know what's the best liner to use in a whelping box for new born pups coming in three week.

A: Do like this, make a box with no bottom. Use plywood. Height two feet, square length about 3 feet.
Now, put disposable bedsheets or simalar, several layers on the floor. But the box on this stack. Important is that the sheets are bigger than the box.
This is number one whelping box. Easy to keep clean, very good and simple. Of course, this is for inhouse use. No lining.
Ask for more details.

Q: I really want to have pitbulls w chinaman's bloodline.Cause Chinaman is my favourite.. I hope ill get it from your kennel.

A: Hello Ken! Of course, Chinaman IS the best. You are welcome to visit us any time. Note, we are located in Europe.

Q: I find this them good bulldogs have what probably with chinaman blood hangs together! I would know with pleasure like it looks with pups because I just on that look for new bulldog am!

A: You are right, the Chinaman bloodline is the ONE! The best. I know it because we have it. We have tried many others, too.
We do breeding, we have pups but not always.

Q: do you ship to the ***?

A: Of course, why not?

Q: this is a comment just like to say you have the most impressive dogs i have ever seen and they all look so happy amd healthy a job well done to you and your team all the best for your chinaman bloodline

A: Thank you for your kind words. Believe me, the dogs are even more impressive in the real life. You are welcome any time to visit us.

Q: What would be the best bloodline to have right now for matching

A: I think, thats the leprechaun... no, its the santa claus? How stupid are you? I assume you are just young and spend too much time in the internet. Start here -> look at the links and there the FAQ

Q: i have apbt boomerang nloodline,whats your opinion about bloodlime, i just wanna know

A: Sorry, I do not know much about other bloodlines than Chinaman. Take care!

Q: we are looking for a breeder (or someone who knows about english bulldog breed), to temporary look after our bully. We are going on a contract for 4 months to KSA and can't take him with us. We are willing to pay and provide food for the period when we are away. We looked into small kennels but our heart would break to leave our bully there for even a short time. Have you heard of anyone who could help?

A: I am sorry, we do not know much about other dog breeds than the apbt. A good idea would be to contact the local kennel club. Good luck!

Q: If I sign up for VIP. Can other people see my name and contact information? Or am I anonymous to others as I want it to be?

A: The code is personal and is only for getting access to all the pages. The code expires after a while. Total anonymous.

Q: If I sign up for VIP. Can other people see my name and contact information? Or am I anonymous to others as I want it to be?

A: No, no one knows who you are.

Q: I emailed you and applied for VIP access, Im coming to your neck of the woods in 5 weeks. Could you please allow me VIP access.
-Scott c

A: I will try to fix that.

Q: what are the 4 new dogs that you got from new york because i cant see them on my vip because i make one but it deosnt work.

A: Obviously you do not have a VIP or XVIP.
I will fix that.

Q: do you ship to the US?

A: Yes. Not very often but some times. Easiest is to the East Coast. We also have access to a very reliable and good courier working in US.

Q: how many dogs do you have? and how much do the pups and adults cost.

A: Quite many. Prices varies, take a look at our website.

Q: i have vip pasword but can't access yard tips

A: It might be an old one. Apply for a new one.

Q: first legal step to opening a kennel

A: This is easy, get space. Not impossible for anyone to buy a piece of land and start your own yard.
Then, get dogs, do breedings and important - keep the off spring! You need volume.
After a couple of years, select the best one, do line breeding and keep on doing the breeding stuff.
This is the only way. Good luck!

Q: i'm interested in purchasing a pup from you a tight bred lee ling pup. If any is available or any up coming breedings please let me know.

A: Next pups not planned. Not before the end of this year, anyway.

Q: do you guys asscociate with the ***. And is the *** still around in your area.

A: No, we are not. No, they have never been around here.
Here we have a bit other figures, big (humangous?) kennels and yards, and more country stuff.

Q: how much for one

A: You mean pup? Sorry, no pups right now. Later maybe.

Q: I ordered a couple of break sticks a while back. Just wondering if they're on their way?

A: If you have paid them then they are.
BTW - we have a new set of superior polycarbonate sticks. Now available with your own logo...

Q: what types of dogs do u have

A: Bulldogs, pitbulls.

Q: what is the best dog you have

A: All our dogs are pretty darn good. In every dog there is so many angles and viewpoints. Our prime idea is that a super bulldog is nothing without the surrounding infrastructure. That is why we have many, many dozens of bulldogs. Cattle, stock and a ranch. This why our best dogs are 2nd to none. There just is no chance that a mutt from a block of flat can beat a real bulldog. Real.

Q: what state or country do you guys live in and city?

A: We are located in EUROPE, Scandinavia.

Q: Do you guys watch movies in theater or on internet?

A: No really. Sorry :-(

Q: can you get dogs to ***

A: Yes we can. You get more info from your local custom service, too.

Q: What ever happened to XXX?

A: This dog was smuggled to some country and treated really bad :-( Not a day goes by without the memory of this poor dog. Rest in peace.

Q: do u guys dogfight n what country and city are you guys located

A: We are located in Europe. Welcome to visit us any time. Please, contact us by the contact form before that.

Q: where do you guys dog between both of us

A: Sorry, I am not sure what you ask ...

Q: hi its a girl is she of good quality then?? i recieved no paper work with her

A: You will see the quality when she gets older. Take good care.

Q: wats the v.i.p. pass word

A: You have to apply for it.

Q: hi the picture of that dog i wanted you to look at is on this link xxx i look forward to hearing from you

A: Thats one nice looking fellow! We once used to have dogs looking like that. Take good care!

Q: can you send frozen semen to ***?

A: Yes we can and do.

Q: hi i emailed you in private and havent heard anything back everything ok? i would like to send you some pictures if i could somehow see what you think about something

A: Yes, we are just fine and well. Very busy as always and do not have time for email.
Put the photos in tinypic.com and send the url. I think that is the best and easiest way.

Q: I understand that you have good quality dog seemen for sale - how much is it?

A: The total semen cost is consisted of these: The semen + collecting + packing + shipping = what you pay us. At your end it is up to you, vet costs and something.
The semen from a top performance dog is around 1,000. Note, the costs depends on if its about frozen or chilled semen.
More details by personal contact.

Q: hi ive applied already and heard nothing back

A: Apply again. Sometimes the emails goes to trash. I dunno why :-(

Q: hi and by chocolate i think you may describe the colour as dark red.. like a light brown copper colour

A: Sorry, I think we do not have much dogs of that color... I have to take a closer look.

Q: how can i get access to vip?

A: That is easy, just apply for it.

Q: hi do you have chocolate game dogs and do you sell frozen semen . difficult to find a good quality chocolate coloured dog

A: I dont think we have any chocolate colored for sale.
Yes, we have sent both frozen and chillen semen. Not often but sometimes.

Q: Wrote you recently. Still no reply.
-Arnold Braun

A: Sorry friend, too fraking busy! Happy new year!

Q: ship to russia ?

A: yes

Q: Hi i am wondering if your kennel is in XXX? becaus i live in ZZZ .

A: Yes it is!
You are welcome to visit us, welcome.

Q: any pups 4 sale

A: Yes, one or two males for sale. Right now.

Q: What happend to you in regards to the * charge? A bloodly joke that they can break the law bringing a pitbull into the *. Keep up the good work

A: No charges, dogs, yard and everthing are good as always. Darn busy every day, more dogs and tons of work.

Those pranksters are supposed to be arrested by police on sight here in our country and as soon as the procedure takes full act later in other EU countries, too. That leads in worst case max 2 yrs. behind bars. But to be honest, not very interesting ...

Thanks, always :-)

Q: Do you export to South Africa

A: Yes. Not lately but yes.

Q: My V.I.P. is not working can you send another ? You have great information

A: Of course, if I just would knew who you are...

Q: Hi again. Nice website dogs and alll ! Do you have a pesonal email so we can talk in private. Best regards Ulrik

A: Sorry, no working email :-(

Q: i have requisted for vip acses on your contact side. How long time before i get acces

A: Eh, depends on how we have the time.
You know, we have here a real RANCH, full of work!
Keep in touch!

Q: i have VIP access and password but it wont let me open the news links? why is that?

A: I dont know. Maybe some personal interest? Who knows about shit like this!!!

Q: if i XXX two dogs how old should they be? And should it be off chain and full XXX? And for how long?

A: Sorry, these are NOT complicated things. Which means that if you're asking then you really should not know it. You get it?
You should ask these thru the personal service.

Q: What is your advice on XXX dogs?

A: No to use too young dogs?

Q: Can a cap of bleach in water be good for house dog as well. Can I wash a dog in mild bleach water for hunting dog thats in deep woods often. He sometime gets fleas for wild life animals.

A: Here we have never used bleach but only for cleaning houses and places. It sure works well.
It is not a risc for animals or humans as long as the solution is reasonable (it is used world wide to desinfect drinking water, too).

Q: Adding note to food allergy !! Appering food allergys, Very dry skin no parasites No demodecosis. Also chews feet, groin, Had allergy test noted in last topic. So do you stll think I can improve this this dog on a strict diet.

A: The special diet is always a good idea because it does not cost anything, can not harm the dog and gives more answers.
The point is to be stict in the diet and keep the dog on that diet for long enough. Not days or weeks but months.
This because of the point B (below). It is extreamly easy to get false diagnoses in allergies.

Owners easliy get obsessed about dogs allergies. The owner tries all kind of treatments, changes diet, uses substitutes and much more. Watch out for not doing the same panic. Keep it simple, reduce the factors.

Q: any photos of the adult, proof ones?

A: On the VIP side and some in the Pitbull Database.

Q: Well do you or dont you? I know you used to breed them for XXXX, ill pay good $$$

A: Are you talking about pups? Pups - 1,000 euro/each, thats simple :-)

Adult, proofed ones, are about 2,000 and up.

My advice is that you jump on the plane and fly over here. Welcome!

Q: any XXXX pit bulls for sale? Id pay 1000 euros.

A: That is a good one, keep in touch!

Q: the lead u give us when we buy a dog is it a chain lead or leather or some thing else

A: Sorry, we do not get it. Try again!

Q: the lead u give us when we buy a dog is it a chain lead or leather or some thing else

A: Sorry, I do not get it. Try again!

Q: what air line do u buy ur dogs tickets at the ...

A: Our line is simply Chinaman ane more closely Lee ling.

Q: when u ship a pup to some where do u send the form that says its 100% american pitbull

A: Well, we ave beeb in the breeding business for abou 25 - 30 yrs. Do you think we are really interested tp dp spme scam for one (1) pup?
Anyway, you are welcome to visit us almost any time!

Q: I always fo get to to add a question and think about it after. Anyways from your last response my dog runs stright out for five miles i'm on a ATV. Ok new question my young dog have food allergys and I really value your input. Please tell me a very simple diet that a dog can thrive on and for how long can he be on that. I had blood test it confirms very allergic to beef, allot of grains, he itch most of the time. I hope to turn things around by feeding lamb. How long will it take to get all the allergic things out of his system that he was feed for one year. Sorry for a long question but detail for you is helpful Thanks very very much

A: Runtraining with ATV sounds like a brilliant idea. However, keep in mind that dogs use less energy and power when they are running free than what they are using in power walk or other slower tempo. It looks like the harderst training for a bulldog is either slow walk where they pull the leash or really fast running.

About allergy - this is an important topic. First, keep in mind these facts:

A - human allergies are very badly known and still they are way better known than dog allergies
B - if a dog is allergic for something that he gets daily, this dog very easily shows allergic symptoms for almost anything
C - allergies changes by time, hormonal activity and much more.

So, if you or your vet assume or the tests shows your dog is allergic - first, do not worry, it is very usual that is it not a big deal.

Put your dog on a special diet and keep it that way for several months. The special diet should be very simple, like chicken and rice, nothing else. No treats, no kibbles, nothing. Just chicken and rice for at least one, two or three months. Note, you do not have to worry that there is some side effects, the only side effect is that owners mind cracks.
The die length because of B above.
If the dog still who symptomns the it is either no allergy or the a very rare case of allergy to rice or chicken, practically not possible...

A good example, there is a special but quite common allergy for cow proteins and the problem is that the dog gets those anywhere, even the chicken rice kibbles... that leads to B above.
Lamb -> same proteins as in beef.

After that diet above, and if there still are symptoms, you might concider trying a new allergy test at your vet.

I try to keep this simple (becuse it is). Allergy is what we call an easy diagnose. Propably the dog has demodecosis, some hormonal problems or whatever, but the allergy tests gives an easy answer for the vet and the owner. Do not get desperate, usually it is not about the allergy even if it looks like that. The line between over sensitivity and allergy is very thin, if there is any.

Here some short info from our yard. We mostly feed cow meat (beef) and pig meat. We assume that some of our dogs might be sensitive for the cow proteine and those are fed only with pig or chicken.
The dogs are fed practically only with fresh animal meat products, fat and other parts. Some dogs have shown (cosmetic) skin problems but those have practically all been diagnosed as demodecosis (juvenile) .

Finally, you did not tell how your dogs allergy is appearing. You mentioned that hes itching. Is it skin problems? If so, then it might be something totally else than allergy. Dry enviroment, lack of fats, parasites etc. More about that in the next topic.

Q: how much would a pup cost in XXX or a rough guess

A: For the moment the pup prices at our kennel is exactly 1,000 euro.
That excludes the shippment which is usually in Europe around 0 to 200 euros, USA 100 to 400 euro, other parts of the world around 200 to 900 euro.

Q: when the puppies are born can u send a videos to my email address so i can pick the pup i wont

A: Sorry, we do not have the resources to really do exclusive shootage. We try to put some info on the web page.
All the time on the yard with the bulldogs, you see!

Q: if i am going to buy a pup and im the first one to reserve a pup can i choose any 1 on that day because i wont 1 with a big head because i am looking for a strong pitbull

A: Why not.
The thing is that it is impossible to look at a puppy and tell what it is as an adult. This is a fact. That breeder who claims to know better is a fool.

Q: how many months before do we have to reserve a pup to buy

A: That is not important. Sometimes we have pups and usually not. The reservation is not an issue but if possible, be active when we have.

Q: How to put up more stamina ?

A: Daily training. That is it. 1 - 2 hrs. Jenny is good, after a while, use weights.

Q: how long would it take to ship a pitull pup to XXX with all the documents

A: The flight takes 2 - 6 hrs, the paper work 1 - 6 weeks.

Q: can u send the dog to XXX with every thing like the documents instead of us coming there

A: Sure. No problem.

Q: cant u breed some dogs in a few months cauze summer 2010 is a bit fare

A: I am afraid no.

Q: if we do come to see u do we still need to pay the flight ticket

A: Yes, that is true. Good news is that is it only 20 - 50 euros.

Q: do u ever have any red nose pitbul puppies when u breed

A: Sometimes yes.

Q: if we buy a dog and u send it to XXX will u send all the stuff like it says on the website like the lead, collar and docunments.

A: Yes, you have to visit us anyway.

Q: are you selling any XXX pits?

A: Yes. Is there any others?

Q: when u start breeding are u going to breed red nose pits or blue nose or blue and red nose together

A: No, we do not have blue ones.

Q: when is your next pitbull litter due for cauze i might be intrested

A: Propably summer 2010.

Q: do u have any red nose pits puppies for sale when there born but dont matter if u dont i dont mind getting a blue nose pit pup

A: No, not now.

Q: do we have t come to you cauze i think i wont be able to come so u can send imags of each pup and ill choose and we can send the money to you and u can send it back its more easy for me

A: Of course, images coming!

Q: can u reduce the dogs cost by a bit

A: Of course, come and visit our kennel and we will talk more.
Right now we have here about 40 - 150 animals. To be honest, it is not about the money, why we are breeding dogs. The previous bulldog litter we had was about 3 to 4 years ago so do the math ...

Q: are any of your dogs fighting dogs because im not looking for a fighting pit im looking for a family pet

A: Of course not! Are you kidding? Why would we othervise do tight, planned line breeding for over 20 years...
By the way, all dogs are good family pets.

Q: im from XXX and can we speak to u on the phone and u can send some pictures on my eamail and we can buy it over the phone and u can send it to my house

A: Everything is possible but everything has a price, too. We do not know if you are ready to pay all that.
I suggest you jump in a plane and fly over here. Take it as a vacation. Fly here, one day here, peek the yard with 50 bona fide game dogs, do some dog talk and fly back.
I think the cost of this trip is for you around $50 (there are some cheap flights you know).
No need to buy anything but after this you have seen more real dogs than anyone. It's worth it and you are always welcome.

Q: do we have to come and see u first

A: Depends on you and from where you are. Usually it is most easy if you come here, look, select and pick it up.

The price of international cargo of one dog is usually pretty much the same as the price of economy flight ticket + the dog as passanger luggage ...

Dunkel Kennels is a BIG yard with a lot of good bulldogs, worth to visit.

Q: non riesco ad iscrivermi

A: Si trovano a dover chiedere V.I.P. primo.

Q: Have i been approved for VIP? Where is my password? Or how do i get it? Ive already applied for VIP, just havent got a password
-josh Quinn

A: The only way to get the code is to use the CONTACT page (on the left side on this page)

Q: What part Of Europe are U located cause I travel through Germany Between Ramstain and Frankfurt Area I would like to visit Ur Kennel, Thanks
-Bama Boi 777

A: Sorry, we're here 2 hrs fly up north from Frankfurt.
Anyway, you're welcome!

Q: how long time will it take fot the VIP to come to me?? =) hope u are doing fine, and the dogs great;) kiss & hugs

A: It should not take time at all. Just ask for it.
xOx to you, too!

Q: Hi i want to know if i can make a resrvation on a pup?

A: It is easy, just contact us. Reservation is easy but we do not have many puppies for sale. Some times it will take a while.
We are waiting for your contact.


A: Just apply for one from conacts. Click here

Q: hello , my password for VIP is not working now.....any help please.

A: I think it is time to renew it. Just apply for a new one.

Q: Hi, i just came across here and i was wondering, approximently how long would i have to wait inline if i were to sign up for a pupp? or a grown one? othewise it seems like your dogs are great, probably woth waiting for also a very god site with lots of nice info! thanks and good luck in the future!

A: Next puppies that might be for sale are born this summer. Some are staying here, some are already now reserved so it depends much on how big the litter is what the situation is.

Some adults are for sale right now. These are dogs that are not in our breeding program and that is why we can sell them.
All are healthy and sound, ready to go.

Q: Do you sell puppies to XXX too?

A: Yes we do.

Q: i am interested of your pit bull puppies and where do u live how much are they and do you ship and how much is the shipping and would u able to deliver to my house and do you take checks and do you take paypal through debit or credit cards and other money you take

A: Our kennel is in Europe.
Normal price for puppies is 1,000.00 Euro or $1,300.00 each.
Yes, we do ship but you have to visit our kennel first.
The shipping costs depends on where you want the dog to be shipped.
Yes, credit cards, PayPal, Moneyorders and cash are okay.

Take a tour at our website and you will find answers to many your questions.

Q: how much yall sell puppies an dog 4
-lil loc

A: Normal price for puppies is 1,000.00 Euro or $1,300.00 each.

(Note. Right now it look that we do not have many puppies for sale. All puppies are pretty much reserved.)

Adult dogs are priced individually.

Q: do you have pup for sale

A: We have one done and two planned breedings this year. One is waiting for the female's heat.

This year litters:
1) Alpha - born - none for sale.
2) Triple Chinaman - breeding done - will be born in may.
3) Mincer x Molly Bee - not bred yet.

Many of the puppies stay here (that is why we are breeding dogs) and the rest is sold. We have now many reservations but we do not know now how many puppies are born.

If you are interested then ask more now.

Q: Hei. Myytkö koiria myös Suomeen?

A: Nope. No koiria to Suomi, sorry :-(

Q: Any litters this year

A: Yes, we have. Take a look at the news-page, our ALPHA-litter is born (none of the ALPHA-pups are for sale), next litter will be born in summer time.

Q: Why can anyone register for that pitbull database anymore?

A: It works great now.
I asked the webmaster and there is some temporary service going on. He adviced to try the account later on.

Q: do u sell or kno where i can buy a good hold'em stand or breedin stand.....

A: I recall that Eppinette have stands for sale. If not, they sure may know where to ask or who could make one.

Q: hi, wanted your advice firstly i emailfor VIP but havent got a reply, secondly i got a bulldog but his teeth are not come out properly from one side really bad that his toungue sticks out. pls reply much appricated

A: First, apply for VIP thru the contact page and you will get it.

Second, Is the bulldog puppy, young or old?

- If he's a puppy, be sure that the none permanent teeth are removed before the age of 6 months. Ask you vet for more assistanse.

- If he's young or adult and it's about the permanent teeth. Do not worry, it is fixable. First, try to find a a vet who knows about teeth. After that show the dog and ask for advice. Always ask for a second opinion, too. Try to avoid removing permanent teeths.

Another thing you should try to avoid is expensive city-vets, try to find a good vet from the countryside. You save money and get better service. This is global.

Q: Hello, I was looking at the yard tips, readin about feeding, and you mention that when a bulldog is getting the right nutrition they shit dry, and hard poop, that turns to dust, well I used to feed meat and bone's and my dogs poop was like that, very hard and dry, and turned to dust, I thought for sure that it was not supossed to be that way, so I stopped feeding that way, so you are telling me that when thier poop was dry, the feed was best? thank you for the time and advice sportsmen

A: This is correct. When dogs are eating meat, what they are supposed to do, the shit is dry and turns into white color. This kind of shit do not smell either.
If the dog poop's color and appearance is like human shit, soft, brown and smelly, then the dog is eating wrong kind of food. This soft poop causes various problems, one very well known is problems with anal glands.
Basically, dogs are not humans, dog like human food but that is not the best for them.

Q: No ?, just haven't talked to you for a long time, I guess all is well with you, thatis great news. Sure would be nice to get out there one day LOL. I'm just waiting for my vip priveledge's, so I can see what you have dded to the site. Good luck to Dunkel kennels, and BIG congrats on XXX !!!!!

A: Thank you Sir, always nice to hear from you.
Yes, things are going just okay. A lot of work, thou.
Thanks for the congrats, take a look at the VIP-section, there are some more details.

Q: alright mate you got any pups for sale if not when you do how much will they be and you got the ped for sire and dam and also can you ship to ***? ...

A: All pups are now sold or reserved. Next not-reserved puppies are from the litters born in summer 2009. The reservations should be done now.

It's not 100 % sure yet, I think it'll be something like this (click on the names and you see the pedigree):

Sire - Woodsman Jr.

Dam - Black Abbie

But, there are many other choises still open. All planned breedings are simply super.

Yes, of course we ship to all countries. No problems. But you have to visit our kennel first.

Q: hello not spoken to your for a while how have you been? hope everything with the dogs is good and dont trust no 1 from out of your country

A: Hello!
Thanks, we are fine. How are you?
Things, yard, dogs, breedings and stuff are going really great. A lot of work, thou. We are expanding the yard and doing some new superb breeding plans.
Not trusting? Hah haa, we are trusting everybody, dogs are fun! :-) Most people know that.

Q: how do you spot a game dog what to look for? thanks

A: I think there is no easy way. Of course, it helps if one have a very long experience and has seen hundeds and hundreds of bulldogs. That helps.
Another thing is that how do you determine the gameness?


A: Yes we have, always.
All pups are sold or reserved, thou. Next available will be from the litters born in summer 2009. Do your reservations now.

Q: Hello, I am very interested in access to your yardtips. Thanks

A: That is okay, just apply for VIP. Do it thru the CONTACT page.

Q: No question mate, just checking your dogs out!!

A: Thanks. You are also always welcome to visit our yard, all the dogs are much more impressive in real life :-)

Q: just looking around. would like to get V.I.P

A: VIP is okay, just apply for it. Do it thru the CONTACT page.

Q: What studs dogs are you putting up for stud?

A: We have many very good own studs here to select from. Proven and healthy.
See more at the OUR DOGS section.

Q: Any pups?

A: All the time. All puppies already reserved and sold. Next available might be early summer 2009. The reservations should be done now.
Take a look at the FOR SALE section.