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Dunkel Kennels is devoted for the real, gamebred American Pit Bull Terrier.
Our "stock" consist of yardfull bona fide, stonehard but yet human friendly, very healthy dogs.
From this high quality bulldog pack we select only the healthiest and most perfect bulldogs into our breeding program.

Right now we have the 327,991  days experience of gamedogs! Beat that!
(this is the dog head count multiplied with days)

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Quadsol for disinfecting houses, chain spaces, kennels and great for cleaning crates and whelping areas. Buy it in a gallon jug and dilute and it lasts forever. ...

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Question #347: within the foreseeable future i want to cargo a Dunkel adult male sporting bulldog to the ***. Nowadays i do not see any adults for sale, i would like to know if i could still contact you to go threu my options of buying a adult male as fast as possible. A couple of flights to *** would not be a problem. Also if everything goes smoothly i would like to buy some more sporting dogs.
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  • Yes, our dogs are darn good! We are following a very carefull breeding plan. All dogs are BFKC-registered.
  • We have puppies for sale occasionally. From each litter only a couple puppies if any are sold
  • All dogs and puppies are fully vet checked, documented and guaranteed. The price includes id chip or tattoo, vet documents, vaccinations, deworming, EU pet passport, collar, leash, dog food, registration, toys and stuff and much, much more.
  • In Europe you have to pick up the dog from our yard, it's most easy and most economically.


Note that all references to competition and winning in this communication (web pages), as well as from us in general are regarding conformation, weight pulling, and legal hunting activities.

We believe in the breed in its true form, and offer to our clients the best representations of this breed to be found anywhere. With that said, we will only offer to sale our dogs to those who will provide a living environment conducive to a long, natural, and fulfilled life for these dogs, in the context of social responsibility.

We do and will not violate any local, international, foreign, or federal law(s). We do and will not breed or sell dogs for any illegal purposes.

Even if this breed is very healthy compared to almost any other dog breed, you
should watch out for certain genetic diseaces.

Especially watch out for:
(click on the diseases and you'll get more info)
- craniomandibular osteopathy (CMO)
- cervical vertebral instability (Wobbler syndrome)
- cleft palate
- hip dysplasia
- cataract
- bad bite
- cryptorchidism

Some people despise the importance of the bulldog's health,
which is pure stupidity because several diceases are fatal. lethal.
But why take a non-healthy gamedog when you
have the choise to take a healthy gamedog.
This is one reason why we have linebred Chinaman-dogs, no problems with the health.

AND 100 % FREE OF:


(click on the diseases and you'll get more info)

We give the same full guarantee to all dogs and pups bought from our yard.


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All violations will be procecuted always.