BONA FIDE Kennel Club, Inc.


Single Dog Registration

If you wish to single register a dog with B.F.K.C. that is of a well known bloodline filling out the five generation single registration application will propably be enough, as we have most of the well known bloodlines in our files.

In the event that we don't have any part of the sixth generation, you will be responsible for furnishing this information. If you already have a six generation pedigree on your dog, please make a copy of it and send it with your application.

It is our aim at B.F.K.C. to have at least six generations on any dog with B.F.K.C. that has never been registered with B.F.K.C. before you choose a new name for the dog. The reason for not changing the name of the dog that has been bred beforre is that the name will show up two different ways in pedigrees and cause confusion and misunderstanding.

To single register a dog send proof of ownership-reg. certificate in your name or signed by seller or seller's signature. Also fill out an application and sign it.

Single registration form, click here
Print out the form, fill it and mail it to BFKC.

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