BONA FIDE Kennel Club, Inc.

Litter Registration

Both sire and dam must be BFKC registered in current owner's name before litter can be registered.
If either sire or dam (or both) are not BFKC registered, write for single registration application forms and fill them out (click here).
Send them together with the litter registration forms and we will register sire or dam (or both)
and then register the litter and sen all certificates to you.

Transfer of ownership can be enclosed with this form for current owner status.
A litter of puppies must be registered within (1) year from date of birth.
Litters over one year old must be single registered (click here).

It is the policy of the BFKC that the registered name of a dog remains permanent.
The name can only be changed up to the age of 6 months with the breeder's signature on the transfer of ownership.
If you prefer that the new owner name the pup just assign each number (page 2).

For a litter registration print and fill out these both forms:
Litter registration form (page 1), click here
Litter registration form (page2), click here
Mail the filled forms in an envelope with the payment included to BFKC

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